NT Kart Lexy

Kart Track - Lexy (France)

NT Kart Lexy

Lexy (France)
9th June 2017
Kart track NT Kart Lexy Lexy France

‘Red as the body of a beautiful sports car, the imposing facade of the new Lexy karting does not go unnoticed’, some local newspapers said on the brand-new NT Kart Lexy.

The kart track is completely new and thanks to the innovative systems developed by PGK, it provides a modern concept of a two-level track.

Being the top of the track at the level of the windows, the path offers a unique feeling.

The circuit is more than 700m long with an XXL bridge and the structure has a bar overlooking the track that offers a panoramic view of the two floors.

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3D project of the kart track

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