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paolo gagliardini pgk design

The potential of PGK Design comes from the experience of the company owner, Paolo Gagliardini, driver and champion at national and international level.

Paolo Gagliardini has mastered the secret of the karting track, being both a driver and a manufacturer, and having accumulated hours of driving and racing.

paolo gagliardini pgk design

To this day, PGK Design has built more than 70 kart circuits and the demand to build and renovate existing facilities is ever-increasing: disused factories, modern shopping centres and even the top of skyscrapers can be the perfect place to create unique kart circuits.

Wherever there is a space, from 2,000 to 6,000 m², Paolo Gagliardini can create a place where speed and adrenaline are always guaranteed. This is thanks to special resins for the floor, multi-level tracks and shock absorption system (delimitation and safety barrier for go-kart tracks).

PGK Design is the leading company in the field of multi-level kart circuit design and manufacturing, since every element supplied to our clients is first developed and then directly tested by the company.

Commitment, professionalism, a close-knit and motivated team, and the company owner’s expertise are the key elements of PGK DESIGN which clients can count on

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