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The delimitation and safety barriers for go-kart tracks have been designed by PGK Design to reduce and absorb the impact of the kart against the track demarcation barriers. It has been patented by us and approved by the FFSA (French Federation of Automobile Sport).

It is composed of sheets made of a very resistant plastic material supported by springs for the straights and by hexagonal ‘shock absorbers’ that have an absorbing material inside them for the critical points of the track, both on the ground surface and on the elevated areas.

The advantages of the above described system can be easily observed:

  • Maximum safety for drivers on the track
  • The modular elements can be easily removed and adapted to any modification of the track
  • Great aesthetic innovation

This last aspect combined with the possibility to make the most of the available space creates a unique solution in the karting market.

Elevated metal structures

PGK Design specialises in the construction of multi-level kart circuits, with raised metal structures designed according to location and space, which allow for an innovative circuit even in the smallest spaces.

This is the most suitable solution for making the track longer and getting your adrenaline pumping in all kart circuits designed by PGK Design thanks to the presence of ramps, sharp bends and changes in gradient throughout the race.

The quality of our elevated structures is guaranteed by Italian-made products and our Italian know-how.

Special resin for kart tracks

PGK Design has developed a special resin that can be applied to all types of surfaces (concrete, asphalt, iron, wood).

This is one of the products that make PGK Design recognizable all over the world because it allows our kart circuits to have a grip similar to competition race tracks.

The company owner’s experience has shown that ‘when the floor of indoor circuits has not been treated with suitable resins, less experienced users can encounter driving difficulties due to excessive slipperiness’.

There are many advantages when using our resin:

  • Maximum safety for drivers on the track
  • Immediate hold from the first lap, without having to wait for the tyres to warm up
  • The grip remains the same throughout the sessions, allowing for stable times throughout the day.

Race circuit line marking

PGK Design creates kerbs, escape routes, demarcation lines and starting grids offering a wide range of colours which clients can choose from to customise their track.

Our resins and the marking of race circuit lines give the impression that you are driving on a real racing track, because of both for the grip that the product provides and for the style of the track.

With PGK Design, nothing is left to chance and every user will experience the same sensations as a professional driver.

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