Stras Kart

Kart Track - Eckbolsheim (France)

Stras Kart

Eckbolsheim (France)
11th June 2016
Kart track Stras Kart Eckbolsheim France

Stras Kart, a new kart circuit in France that was created by PGK Design.

Stras Kart is the largest recreational complex in eastern France offering an indoor electric kart track. Speed, excitement, comfort and safety: the perfect mix to spend a unique moment with friends and family or even with colleagues for a business workshop. A futuristic atmosphere, in an environment featuring the best audio and video equipment, will add heighten your adrenaline during the race.

The kart circuit, which extends on two levels for about 400m, is equipped with a tunnel and a 150m bridge. The track surface is covered with a resin that allows the track to have a grip similar to Formula 1 circuits and is equipped with an innovative and patented shock absorption system (delimitation and safety barrier for go-kart tracks).

The kart owner says:

‘The STRAS KART track was designed by amateurs and professionals of the automobile sector: PGK Design, a world-renowned company, is our partner for the construction of the kart track’.

3D project of the kart track

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