Kart Track - Monastir (Italy)


Monastir (Italy)
16th February 2013
Kart track Skindoor Monastir Italy

The context in which we came up with the idea of creating an indoor kart circuit in the Municipality of Monastir has something interesting because it arose from valuable reasons.

Both the motorbike rider Alessandro Usai’s passion for motor sports, along with the collaboration of Paolo Gagliardini, and the sensitivity of local entrepreneurs on social problems and the lack of accommodation facilities, made it possible to realize a futuristic plant near an enviable seaside resort.

Founded in Monastir at the beginning of 2013 and managed by the amateur sports association SKI (affiliated to the UISP), Skindoor is now a flagship kart track thanks to its structural characteristics and the chosen location.

It is in fact located 15 minutes from Cagliari, easily reachable from the adjacent cities and from the main road.

The entire structure has a total covered area of about 4,500 m2, an exclusive outdoor courtyard of about 4,000 m2, and a pool of users of 100 km (about 500,000 inhabitants).

Its circuit of over 500m, extends through two new sheds located on different levels joined together through two tunnels, one going downhill and the other uphill.

The 300 m2 accommodation area hosts events and sporting events at regional and national level, and in the future, it will host at an international level making it one of the stops of the PGK Tournament.

The automotive sports disciplines such as karting which, through the creation of advanced structures can be practiced easily and with the necessary professionalism, have tested and undisputed beneficial aspects.

Skindoor allows all those who are passionate about motorsports to easily experience a mini F1 in a recreational and educational environment.

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