Sardinia Kart Center

Kart Track - Siniscola (Italy)

Sardinia Kart Center

Siniscola (Italy)
6th February 2016
Kart track Sardinia Kart Center Siniscola Italy

PGK Design has designed a new indoor kart circuit on an area of about 6,500 m2.

This is a last generation construction with an indoor track of 600m! The surface is treated with resin which allows the kart to have a great grip on the ground. The unique shock absorption barriers offer maximum safety in case of impact.

The lanes of the track are about 7/8m wide to facilitate overtaking and make races between friends more exciting.

The track complies with the ACI National Regulations; moreover, it is regularly affiliated to the A.S.I. Karting Sector (Associazioni Sportive Italiane).

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