Karting De Nantes

Kart Track - Saint-Herblain (France)

Karting De Nantes

Saint-Herblain (France)
15th December 2015
Track Paris Karting De Nantes Saint-Herblain France

PGK has created another masterpiece with the construction of a new indoor kart circuit in an area of about 5,000 m².

The ‘Karting de Nantes’ facility has a 410m long track and is equipped with elevated structures.

This smooth track has been designed in such a way that drivers of all levels can have fun. By combining fast parts and technical steps, everyone will feel at ease.

The 60m long bridge will give you a unique adrenaline rush.

All in total safety thanks to the PGK delimitation and safety barriers for go-kart tracks and the presence of special resin for floors.

A unique circuit for a unique and exciting experience!

3D project of the kart track

Facebook Video

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