Kart up Vitrolles

Kart Track - Vitrolles (France)

Kart up Vitrolles

Vitrolles (France)
3rd May 2017
Kart track Kart up Vitrolles Vitrolles France

The circuit has a 700m long track, a shock absorption system (delimitation and safety barrier for go-kart tracks) and a beautiful elevated construction on two levels and is fully equipped with technologies and materials guaranteed by PGK Design.

The kart circuit has two tunnels and two bridges that will make your experience exciting and get your adrenaline pumping.

Lanes are wide from 5m up to 9m to allow for fast and easy overtaking and the circuit will be exciting for the most cautious drivers as well as the most reckless ones, from beginners to experts, including children, adults, women, and men.

The track is suitable for every driver!

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