eKart Caen

Kart Track - Caen (France)

eKart Caen

Caen (France)
23rd March 2019
Kart track eKart Caen Caen France

Caen Kart is the first high quality indoor electric kart circuit in northern France.

This kart circuit has been created by PGK Design inside the Val Saint Clair shopping centre in Herouville Saint-Clair.

A challenging track – including a bridge and a tunnel – and the latest generation of electric karts guarantee a unique experience for both amateurs and experienced drivers! 38 electric karts, including 8 especially designed for children, are available for adults and children, men and women, unprecedented acceleration, speed and fun.

410 metres of PGK Design circuit: the perfect place to spend a day with your family or to challenge your friends and colleagues.

3D project of the kart track

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