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Affi Kart

Affi (Italy)
7th September 2013
Kart track indoor Affi Kart Italia

The company ‘Società Sportiva Dilettantistica a responsabilità limitata AFFI KART INDOOR’ was founded through Luca and Alessandro’s passion for the world of motorsports.

In 2013 the first kart circuit on two levels, entirely indoor and designed by PGK, was opened in Veneto.

The track extends over 2 levels, there are 9 left bends and 4 right bends.

The ground floor is characterised by a fast section that ends with two hairpin bends, one on the left and one uphill on the right, and an upper floor with a narrow and very technical S bend.

The safety of pilots on the track is guaranteed by innovative delimitation and protection barriers which perfectly absorb kinetic energy (delimitation and Safety barrier for go-kart tracks). The system, patented by PGK, is composed of very resistant plastic sheets supported by steel springs that cushion the shock of the kart.

The telemetry is managed through transponders directly mounted on the kart which have an accuracy to the thousandth of a second, the same as transponders used in Formula 1.

The surface of the track is covered with a special high grip resin that will helps to create the experience of a real racing track.

The kart circuit also gives great attention to mini drivers, with a fleet of karts especially designed for them.

PGK has created a circuit capable of guaranteeing a top performance whilst ensuring maximum safety for everyone.

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