Only Kart Lyon

Kart Track - Dagneux (France)

Only Kart Lyon

Dagneux (France)
7th November 2014
Kart track Only Kart Lyon Dagneux France

Only Kart features a 502m multi-level indoor track (with a tunnel and a 150m bridge) and is equipped with a fleet of 28 new generation electric karts powered by a lithium battery, which offer maximum speed and sensation.

The kart circuit, entirely designed by PGK Design, is approved by the FFSA (French Federation of Automobile Sports).

PGK Design has designed the track in such a way that drivers can run both ways, allowing them to have the feeling of racing on a circuit that is always different.

The circuit, like all PGK Design projects, features an innovative delimitation and safety barriers systems for go-kart tracks ensuring the complete safety of the track.

All of this is completed with race circuit line markings which evoke the French flag.

This design is impossible to miss!

3D project of the kart track

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