Karting de Caudecoste

Kart Track - Caudecoste (France)

Karting de Caudecoste

Caudecoste (France)
17th July 2016
Kart track Karting de Caudecoste Caudecoste France

The new Karting de Caudecoste is recognisable from the multitude of its colours: green and pink details make the two-level circuit bright and innovative.

Karting de Caudecoste is the first kart complex in south-western France with two tracks: an outdoor track which is 1,063m long by 8m wide and an indoor track which is over 300m long.

The track has 86m of bridge with a fantastic downhill bend.

Moreover, in this facility there is a modern and spacious recreation area with a bar and a restaurant.

Only PGK Design could have pulled off a project of this magnitude!

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