Metz Kart Indoor

Kart Track - Augny (France)

Metz Kart Indoor

Augny (France)
25th December 2016
Kart track Metz Kart Indoor Augny France

PGK Design technology has arrived at Metz Karting Indoor in Metz!

The renovation of the old indoor circuit has been extremely effective, thanks to the compliance with safety regulations and PGK’s expertise.

The circuit has been completely remodelled, and now it is 700m long, organized on two floors in a 5000 m2 area, totally devoted to karting.

The track is characterised in a very long bridge equipped with all the latest technologies.

In 2018 PGK returned with its staff to the Metz Kart Indoor circuit to extend the existing bridge.

The result is simply breathtaking.

3D project of the kart track

Facebook Video

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