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Adrenaline Kart Indoor



  11th January 2015

The track offers pure fun and enjoying alternative for both young people and families or for those looking for some unique entertainment full of adrenaline.

Asti Karting also provides a latest fleet of karts for adult as well as karts for children.
Thanks to the patented and last-generation shock absorption system the track is really safe and allows even the youngest to enjoy tranquillity whilst having fun.

In fact, there are many baby riders who have experienced the emotion of the brand-new karts.

Dindo Capello, the official Audi racer, was the testimonial of the opening ceremony.
He underlined the positive value that such a hobby can have for children.

Asti Karting has also gained recognition to be a very well – designed facility from some of the most famous racers in the Rally, such as, Panama, Luca Cantalamessa and Fabrizio Tardito gave their attention to the new track.

Adrenaline Kart Indoor - PGK Design