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Thanks to the experience gained through the years around karting business, PGK Design can provide a global consulting service before, during and after the opening of the track.

Track design

Best design for every track. Best solutions on the market.

Technical advice

Customer relationships are a key aspect for our team. We can offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of the project.

Customizable track raising system

Our innovative structural conception of the track is unique in the world. Depending on the volumetric features of your facility, we exploit all its potential also in height, developing the track on more levels, using parabolic, rises and descentrs, tunnels and bridges. The outcome is an incredibly longer and spectacular track, whether for racers or spectators.

Impact absorption system

The racer’s safety in our tracks is guaranteed with innovator delimiting and protective barriers.
The patented and sophisticated system is composed by hinges, made with a very strong plastic material and supported with steel springs that dampen the kart’s crash, efficaciously absorbing and dispersing the impact.

Unique solution in the kart’s market:
– space saving
– aesthetic innovation
– customizable colors and possibility to show advertising stickers

Special resin

Our company has developed a special resin floor coating for every kind of surface which provide the possibility to choose between a wide range of grip, depending on the adhesion level required.

Our special resin advantages:
– not inflammable
– possibility to choose the adhesion level
– less maintenance costs
– racers have fewer collisions –> more safety
– no change of the track even with climate change
– very wide selection of colours effects