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Case History

Shining Space – China

Inside the Paradise Walk Shopping Mall, the biggest shopping mall of China, a sensational circuit built by PGK Design is shining. 'Spectacular' is, in fact, the best adjective to describe this kart track which, not surprisingly, is also called the 'Karting Empire'. Shining is located in Chongqing, in the heart of the city, covering a track length of more than 500 meters and it is equipped with all the innovative technologies that PGK can provide.

Karting Payerne – Switzerland

The biggest karting facility of Switzerland! Payerneland karting is the example of the obvious results obtained thanks to a great restyling work. The karting facility provides an indoor and an outdoor track. Its lenght and the use of high-quality materials make this building innovative and essential, for a unique customer experience of adrenaline and safety!

Ecodrom – Germany

PGK goals are shown in this dynamic indoor karting facility: a brilliant racetrack setup, customer satisfaction and technological innovation. With a sophisticated track and electrical eco karts, it obtained recognition as the most innovative indoor karting facility in Germany in year 2015. The Ecodrom circuit is composed of an indoor multi-level track with overpass structures and multiple semi-oval curves.

Metz Kart Indoor – France

PGK Design technology approaches Metz at Metz Karting Indoor! The old structure restyling has been completely renoveted for an excellent outcoming, thanks to the safety and the PGK’s knowledge. The new karting facility offers a new track today: it is 700 mt long ,organized on two floors in a 5000 sq mt area, totally devoted to the karting world.

Lario Motorsport – Italy

In a wonderful location on Lake Como, appears Lario Motorsport Indoor Karting, a innovative circuit that provides a breathtaking multi-story track, about 600 meters long and 6 in wide, with exciting uphill and downhill runs. The circuit offers pilots, amateurs and professionals, the ability to breathe the track atmosphere and share the spirit of competition.