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Karting Montaudran – France


Karting Montaudran - France Ranked today as one of the best circuit in the southwest of France, the Montaudran karting facility in Toulouse has today a new look thanks to the efficient work of PGK Design who built an extraordinary bridge on the original karting track. The installation of the bridge

Karting Montaudran – France2017-07-10T17:25:00+00:00

KZR Kart Indoor – Italy


KZR Kart Indoor - Martinsicuro, Italy Bright single level circuit, it provides all the latest PGK technologies.

KZR Kart Indoor – Italy2018-12-08T17:01:16+00:00

Xtrem Center Valence – France


Xtrem Center Valence - France Beautiful, the new Xtrem Valence kart track, made with black resin, red and white details and a circuit with a multilevel indoor track, underpasses and multiple semi-oval curves. The result is a professional circuit that allows you to live exciting competitions!

Xtrem Center Valence – France2018-11-25T23:19:25+00:00

Kart up Vitrolles – France


Kart up Vitrolles - France The circuit has a track of 700 meters in length, a shock absorption system and a beautiful elevated construction organized on two floors with all the technologies and materials guaranteed by PGK Design.

Kart up Vitrolles – France2018-04-27T13:11:32+00:00

Kart-Palast Fun park – Germany


Kart-Palast - Germany The Kart-Palast of Monaco has a very complex track with 4 levels of circuit. In fact, in this realization, PGK Design has been able to exploit all the available space, even in height, offering a futuristic kart track. The structure also features the patented PGK Design shock absorption system.

Kart-Palast Fun park – Germany2018-04-30T10:18:49+00:00

Loisi Flandres – France


Loisi Flandres – France Inside the Loisi Flandres leisure center, the new Loisi Flandres Karting is located on a surface of 3600 square meters. The track and the bridge, covered with a special resin, are equipped with the PGK Design shock absorption system. The kart track also features a bar and

Loisi Flandres – France2018-11-25T14:27:08+00:00

Volta Racing Labs – Mexico


Volta Racing Labs – Mexico Creation of a new track using the special black PGK Design resin. The result is an elegant and very professional track.

Volta Racing Labs – Mexico2018-11-16T21:08:30+00:00

Karting de Caudecoste – France


Karting de Caudecoste - France It is possible to recognize the new Karting de Caudecost from the multitude of its colors: the green and pink details make the two-level circuit bright and innovative. The track has 86 meters of bridge with a fantastic curve descent. In addition, the property offers a

Karting de Caudecoste – France2018-11-25T14:02:49+00:00

NT Kart Lexy – France


NT Kart Lexy – France "As red as the body of a beautiful sports car, the imposing façade of the new Lexy karting does not go unnoticed," local newspapers said about the new NT Kart Lexy. The kart track is completely new and thanks to the innovative systems developed by PGK,

NT Kart Lexy – France2018-12-09T14:12:39+00:00

Ekart – Belgium


Ekart - Belgium Another success of PGK Design is the new Ekart kart track in Gent, a beautiful town in Belgium. It is built on an area of about 3500 square meters that allowed to build a track more than 400 m long in an indoor structure that records large numbers

Ekart – Belgium2018-11-25T22:57:31+00:00